Podcasting lectures: Pt 3

March 29, 2006

Well, my first lecture is on my web site. I found that I had to get the RIGHT Bluetooth adapter for my computer, one that would support a headset input (D-Link DBT-120 for about $30) and then my Bluetooth headset for my cell phone would work. But I’m not sure it kicked in as the default input for the lecture. As I stepped away from the computer the quality went down. I’ll double check next time.

Some tech stuff: I used Audacity, a free download, as the software to record. I went to preferences and set it to allow export in Apple’s AIFF format (16-bit worked, 32-bit did not) and then imported it into my iTunes library and converted it to MP3. Audacity has an export-to-MP3 option, but it requires additional software and I couldn’t figure out how to get it/install it. So, I’ve got a couple of extra steps to go.

I had told students last class period I was recording and to watch the web site and several e-mailed later with disappointment that the lecture was not there.

Next step will be to create the RSS feed with Podcast Maker and get listed on Apple’s Music Store. BTW, I also added art and comments and other stuff to the file while I had it in iTunes.


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