Broadcasting association

April 4, 2006

Just got back from the JACC convention. What a great organization. The opportunities for students to learn and the excitement the contests and workshops creates is awesome.

One thing I’ve felt bad about though, especially since I became chair of the Mass Communications Department and have watched out for broadcasting a bit more, is that there is not something like JACC to energize the broadcasting students. While JACC had tried to address the convergence movement with baby steps, it will be a long time, if ever, before it does anything meaningful with broadcasting. And even then, it will only address the journalism end, not the entertainment end.

That’s why I am so excited about some new discussions by broadcast journalism instructors from within JACC to look at starting a similar organization for broadcasting and using JACC’s structure. A new organization can even piggy-back on the conferences and infrastructure of JACC while it grows.

As an organizational expert on JACC, I hope to be a part of a steering group this next year to help form a new broadcasting association of community colleges.


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