JACC Conference

April 4, 2006

Am so proud of my students and the work they do. We just got back from the JACC convention where the students won a general excellence award for both the print and online editions of the Talon Marks. They also won a slew of other writing and design awards for mail-in and on-the-spot/bring-in competitions. Though many of them were just honorable mentions, it shows that they are performing pretty well overall. Two won scholarships and Erick was elected Southern Regional Student Rep.

We debriefed in class Monday and one of the more significant discussions was about doing more with blogs with the online edition.

Checked in with College Publisher about their new blogging and podcast tools for the CP tool. They are apparently launching the podcasting tool later this week and we’ll get trained on it next week.

* * * * *
Speaking of training, I was supposed to visit Rio Hondo College Monday to introduce them to the College Publisher tool. John Francis called and cancelled, though, because so few of his students showed up for school the day after the convention –half expected that with my own students, but most were there. We’ll try again after Spring Break.

I’m excited that more schools are giving serious consideration to creating online publications. It is up to over half already and continuing to grow. College Publisher offers a viable tool for doing that and I’m happy to help other schools explore the possibility and to serve as a resource as they learn. I just love helping others learn.


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