Recognition among peers

April 26, 2006

There is no greater recognition than that which you get from your peers. This was the message from Dr. Noeila Vega this week at Cerritos College’s annual Distinguished Teachers ceremony.

Rich getting the awardShe’s mostly right. I’ve been fortunate to be recognized by my peers several times in my lifetime. I’ve receved national recognition (CCJA Hall of Fame and EDUCOM/NCRIPTAL award for my City Council program) and was named in 1989 as an outstanding teacher by CNPA. One of the most special times was when JACC conferred a lifetime achievement award on me. I got to feel that feeling again this week as I was one of the eight Cerritos instructors to receive Outstanding Teacher awards.

It WAS special. But what made it especially special for me was how the recognition came about. Teachers are nominated by their colleagues, their co-workers and their students. I know that the reason I received this recognition was because of the respect I have from my co-workers and students. The letters they wrote nominating me were not shared with me or the group at the ceremony, but I wish they had been. Sorry Dr. Vela, while recognition from your peers IS special, what is more special is when that recognition started with your students. Thanks guys.


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