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April 28, 2006

Talked this week with College Publisher, the company we work with for the content management tool we use for talonmarks.com, about blogging and podcasting. I was a bit disappointed that they are not further along with implementation, but we don’t know much ourselves other than we know we want to start experimenting, to just do it (see the entry at the beginning of this blog on this philosophy). If we’re going to out front, we have to expect that we’re helping create things.

Benny Vision logoB-Life logoAnyway, we’re just going to get started as we figure out what it is we want to do and how best to do it. We’ll start with blogging using Blogger and creating links from our site to the Talon Marks student blogs. Benny Orbase and Diona Carrillo are going to get started with them, even though we have just a few weeks of the school year left. I’m hoping that at least one or two other staff members will get started before the end of the school year, too. After all, both Benny and Diona probably won’t be back next year.

Even though this takes users away from the Talon Marks site and we’ll lose some tracking info, we’ll create visual links to the blogs on the front page of the talonmarks.com site. We’ll include links at the blog site back to talonmarks.com with hopes that we get the readers back. Seems the simplest way to just get started.

Something that I read that makes sense, though, is that each blog should have a specific interest or slant, just as this blog focuses on the journalism program.


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