Web page evolution

May 31, 2006

Mockup designSometimes trying to instill the value of talonmarks.com as a primary news source among the student staff is a challenge. But every once in a while, the students show they understand and care.

The latest comes in the form of a proposed redesign of the site from outgoing online editor Diona Carrillo and designer Benny Orbase. Their proposal wil require some help from College Publisher and parts of it might not be doable, but we’ll see just how flexible the tool is.

One of the cool things about the proposal is that it will require future staff photographers to contribute more and redefine the role of the online editor position. He/she will have to work more closely with the rest of the staff to insure that the proper content elements will be forthcoming. And there is even a role for video, podcasts and blogs. And the proposal is completely student generated from students who care about enhancing the online publication.


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