Blogging requirement?

July 12, 2006

question markI’ve been thinking about how to infuse my journalism courses with blogging so that my students can learn. One thought is to require all returning newspaper staff members to develop a weekly blog that focuses on some aspect of the college or student life.*

Ran the idea past incoming editor Tanya Bermudez the other day and she wasn’t interested in it.** Still, I wonder…

* The more I read about online publications the more I see that we need to focus on content that cannot be found elsewhere. I’ve always known that and emphasize that we should 1) cover campus news first and 2) off-campus news that affects our student readers. I’ve always suggested that for columns and sports coverage. Makes sense to emphasize it with blogs.

** I also read that many journalsts, including student journalists resist learning new media. Yet, can I in good conscious continue teaching ONLY old media? Much of what has developed with the online publication has taken time to infuse into the culture of the Talon Marks. Requiring blogs might not be popular at first, but will be considered normal after several semesters. The trick is to introduce it correctly.



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