Tomorrow is just a day away

July 21, 2006

I know the lyrics for the song “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie” say that “tomorrow is ALWAYS a day away,” but it is also ONLY a day away. So I like to keep in touch with my student newspaper staff during semester breaks, especially the lon-g-g-g-g summer break, and keep their thoughts focused on the coming semester.

I met with a number of returning students for lunch today to get them started thinking on goals for the semester. Among the goals expressed:

  • Move AMPED, our op-A&E opinon that morphs to a full page editor column, to online only and replace that page with our defunct Life feature page.
  • Redo the the online site front page. (See blog entry below.)
  • Include more online forums and promote them within each story in the print edition. Do more overall in the paper to promote online.
  • Include more online videos (maybe every other week).
  • Increase the use of blogs.
  • Move more reviews to online and focus a main package on the A&E page on on-campus arts. Extend campus arts coverage.

Good start.

Wish I could get some of them to attend JACC’s Editor’s Leadership Camp, but in absence of that it is important to keep them focused yourself.

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