RSS feeds for updates. I finally get it.

July 23, 2006

RSS sample imageOkay, forgive me. I’m a dinosaur. An enlightened dinosaur, I hope, but still a dinosaur. But I finally get RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

I saw it before, but didn’t understand it. I even bookmarked some feed sites without realizing what I was doing. Soon after my bookmarks bar started including numbers that I couldn’t understand. The browser was looking at those feed sites and telling me how many NEW entries had been made since I last checked the site.

I’m going feed-happy with many of the sites I like to read regularly now so that I don’t waste time checking a site that hasn’t been updated. Likewise, I don’t want to forget to check up on a site that may have interesting updates.

Gotta learn more, but this is cool. Oh, by the way, there is an RSS site for this blog and for the Talon Marks and for the Cerritos College Journalism web site.

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