What I like about our new design

August 26, 2006

We implemented the new talonmarks.com design this week. It is not working completely –still needs some tweaks– and, boy, do we have a lot to learn to keep it looking the way it should from week to week. But here is what I like most about it:

  • My students came up with the design on their own (last semester students no longer with us, unfortunately) and presented it to College Publisher with “Can we?”
  • It shows the flexibility of College Publisher in that when you are ready you can go with a custom design, and
  • Its weekly requirements will force us to ramp up some of what we should have been doing all along, or at least what we should have been doing next. It requires us to think how stories and photos will be presented online. And we have to think beyond the print edition AS WE WORK ON the print edition.

I was perusing through the JACC papers online today and it looks like Cerritos and Citrus were the two first California community colleges out of the chutes this school year … at least the first ones to get new editions online.

The Citrus College Clarion Online is looking good. Good variety of content and the lead story is a podcast of the president’s opening speech to the campus. Okay, that’s a snore of a topic, but the staff is really thinking new media and learning by doing. Talonmarks.com is essentially doing the same by including repurposed campus radio shows as its first podcasts. Dr. David Young’s 58-minute radio shows are probably too long for a newspaper site podcast, but it is a start. We also hope to podcast Cerritos College football games, which might have an audience despite length.

While every other student newspaper is sporting last spring’s issues (or later) I think the LA Valley publication and the Sacramento City College e.press deserve special attention for their outstanding quality lead photos. True, LA Valley needs to learn to size photos to the design, but geez, what a great quality photo.

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