Watching my students 2

October 11, 2006

Okay, took a break to post part 1 and send a note out to JACC faculty in case they want to come in and watch my experiment. So I missed a question or two.

Now she is giving the stories a great story on why young voters should pay attention and vote. She found a young smoker who was passing on his chance to influence smoking laws and taxes.

The character of elections is the next discussion. Negative ads about personalities turns voters off, she says. Her communications director points out that one purpose of negative ads is to also make sure that some voters stay home. That affects outcomes, too.

Next question: Iraq.

She has some issues with Bush’s reasons for staying in Iraq. He has been stubborn and steadfast. Anyone who has sailed will tell you that if you stay the course and don’t make adjustments you’ll run aground, she says. More Iraqis have died in the war than under Hussein.

Are Iraq and the war on terror related: No.

Added after-the-fact to facilitate reading. Blogs post in reverse order: Watching 1Watching 2Watching 3Watching 4Watching 5Watching 6Watching 7

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