Watching my students 4

October 11, 2006

Oooh, the strategy changes. The one student is through with his questions and the next hits with questions about Darfur. I noticed ahead of time that one of the students had printed out a news release of Sanchez’. BTW, I’m scrambling to find links on the fly. Ain’t Google great.

What can students do about Dafur? She says that it came up on her radar when students asked her about it. She mentioned that student actions got the University of California to change some of its investments in Sudan. She says to get local groups to do the same.

Second student is done with questions.

Time is 3:12.

First student asks if things have changed since the 200 election. Set up the old “Are you better off now” answer.

Took a break to process the photo. Here it is. But a great question has been asked, “Why do Democrats keep losing.” Part of the answer is conservative media.

Time: 3:18. I’m faster than my students, but this shows you can work quickly with and while blogging.

Added after-the-fact to facilitate reading. Blogs post in reverse order: Watching 1Watching 2Watching 3Watching 4Watching 5Watching 6Watching 7

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