Watching my students 5

October 11, 2006

The students are back to the one questionner. He’s asking some good followup questions about how Congress works. Still waiting to see what happens next.

Not too many students writing anything down right now and the assemblywoman keeps tapping the table right in front of the tape recorder. Will probably render that portion unusable.

Next: Who will be the next Democratic nominee. Crowded field, but refuses to share her favorite. Has some good things to say about Clinton and Dodd. John Edwards, too.

“Ladies, any questions?” So far the female students have been silent.

Dau chimes in: Wants to mobile younger students. Biggest difference between 2004 and 2006? Republicans campaign on fear and students are more analytical than that. And while the Demos lost the San Diego election, it was close and that is a strong Republican district. A moral victory.

Immigrants: A sideshow to deflect the real issues. A fear issue. Terrorism is not the issue. All efforts are at Mexico, but the terrorists we’ve caught sneaking in have been from Canada.

Another student has wandered in and is asking questions on the fly. Not too bad, he’s our awestruck cartoonist.

Time 3:27

Added after-the-fact to facilitate reading. Blogs post in reverse order: Watching 1Watching 2Watching 3Watching 4Watching 5Watching 6Watching 7


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