Watching my students 6

October 11, 2006

She’s talking about how important young peoples’ vote are. Marching is great, but that doesn’t change policy. Voting does.

Attacking the MinuteMen now.

No notetaking. No more photos. I think my interruption of the photographer stopped him. I don’t think he’s taken a single shot since he came back into the room after uploading the photo for me.

Talking about the fence along the border and comm director has to share some specifics on costs. Glad to see her focus on issues and rely on staff for details.

Oooh, The House has just passed a voting bill that would affect students’ voting. Students should look into that.

Ahh, one of the women reporters asked a question about whether the wall will work. It’ll work at getting people to the polls. First and only question so far from one of the women students.

Dr. Pepper Pillow imageAssemblywoman wants to walk off with my Dr. Pepper pillow. Will have to watch her on the way out.

Added after-the-fact to facilitate reading. Blogs post in reverse order: Watching 1Watching 2Watching 3Watching 4Watching 5Watching 6Watching 7

One comment

  1. I bought you that DR. PEPPER pillow! 🙂

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