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My students are getting creative again: Pt 2

November 8, 2006

As I reported in my earlier blog entry, my students were getting creative again in putting together a poster ad.

News-Man poster ad simulates X-Men posterTheir latest entry is a takeoff on the X-Men:The Last Stand movie and one of the posters used to promote the movie. In my students’ version it becomes News-Men: Be A Part of the New Stand. They entered it in last weekend’s JACC Bring-In Ad competition and won an honorable mention. The contest called for an ad promoting the school’s journalism program. While it may well have been the most ambitious entry in the lot, I suspect judges either didn’t get the tie-in or thought it was a little esoteric, or both.

I think I look more like Citizen Kane that Professor Xavier, but still, I’m proud of them. I really like the various editors shown in character.


Thirty-three awards

November 5, 2006

Cerritos College students won 33 awards at the JACC SoCal conference this weekend. That’s the most Cerritos students have ever won at a single jACC conference. I’m really proud of them and happy for them.

Of course, the true value of winning awards is giving students affirmation that they are growing as writers, designers and photographers.

And what is more remarkable is how they won them. JACC has two types of contests at each of its conferences: mail-in awards that evaluate the work students do year-round in their publications, and on-the-spot awards that test their skills under deadline pressure.

Cerritos students won across the board.

  • They won both mail-in and on-the-spot awards.
  • They won writing, design and photography awards.
  • They won with newspaper, magazine and online entries.