Learning WordPress

March 1, 2009

Image from WordPress Workshop courtesy of Leezel Tanglao

Courtesy of Leezel Tanglao (See more photos)

About 20 journalists, journalism teachers and journalism students  learned the basics of WordPress blogging software today at workshop held at and co-sponsored by the Cerritos College journalism program and the Los Angeles Chapter of the Asian American Journalism Association.

A second, more advanced workshop will be held at Santa Monica College next Saturday.

During the workshop I was able to set up a new WordPress blog site for Rich’s Musings, adjust features and design (and managed to create the logo above in PhotoShop and then upload it) and transfer all my previous posts from my Blogger blog to the new site. Later in the day I even went to GoDaddy.com and purchased the more generic domain of richsmusings.com. I knew from previous experiences how to set the new domain to forward to the new site. The latter step was not necessary for the WordPress blog, just another thing I learned I could do. Previous experience also gave me the knowledge I needed to link to Leezal’s photos and the Flicker slide show.

Cerritos Journalism likes to co-sponsor events like these with professional organizations to 1) give students the opportunity to mingle and network with professionals and 2) to enhance the skill sets of journalism students and professionals. Other groups we’ve hosted in the past few years have been the Society of Newspaper Designers and the California Chicano News Media Association. In addition, we’ve hosted our own workshops on podcasting (with the help of Apple Computers) and editors’ roundtables. And we often host high school writing competitions or workshops.

Hosting these events gets easier with each one you do and you might consider trying it. We host enough events during the year –from our own Media Awards Nights twice a year, to simple events like the editors’ roundtable, to professional events like this one that we have a good supply of paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils and nice table clothes (important, classy touch!) that it is easy. We actively seek to do at least a couple of things each semester. We’ve got a good facility and the hardest part of hosting the events is finding a partner who usually does all the promo work and supplies the workshop leader.

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