No. 10: The execution

April 13, 2017

A list of the top 10 memorable issues of student publications during my teaching career.

I started my teaching career at Reedley College just a couple of years after graduating from there with an associate of arts in journalism. I had not even completed by bachelor’s degree, but was able to get an emergency credential, back in the days when we used them instead of minimum qualifications. After one semester, I completed the bachelor’s degree and immediately entered the master’s program at Fresno State.

I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about advising student publications at that time but we had fun. The students often tried new things while I tried to focus on basic newswriting and newspaper design.

One issue, they wanted to do something completely different. We had been talking about tabloid journalism and they wanted to mimic something you might see with the National Enquirer. The result was this unusual front page design that teased an opinion piece on watching too much TV. A controversial execution was taking pace in Colorado that year, hence the look of an execution.

It was not well received on administration, though all copies of the newspaper distributed on campus were picked up.

Because in those days a tabloid size newspaper needed to be printed with pages in a multiple of four or required extra labor and we had only six pages of content the center spread (pages 4 and 5) were left blank so readers could write their own news. That, too, was frowned upon by administration, who saw it as a waste.

NEXT UP: We don’t need no headlines


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