No. 9: We don’t need no headlines

April 13, 2017

A list of the top 10 memorable issues of student publications during my teaching career.

Back before community colleges had computers or their own typesetting equipment they had to send their stories and photos off campus to be typeset and half-toned. These were brought back to campus for “paste-up.”

While at Reedley College we found an inexpensive typesetter to typeset our stories and headlines. But one day, after we had already picked up MOST of the typeset stories and had come back to pick up the rest of the stories and the headlines we got there and found an empty building. The owner had packed up and vacated overnight without notice.

Deadline was approaching and we didn’t have headlines. What to do? We got creative. Out came felt tip markers and we hand printed the headlines in different sizes and weights. At least one story had to be set on a typewriter. Roll the presses!

PREVIOUSLY: 10: The execution.

NEXT UP: The student who died


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