Top 10 list coming

April 13, 2017

As I inch closer and closer to the end of advising student publications at the community college level that will include nearly 800 issues spread over 41 years –each representing a late-night production and memories of its own– it is inevitable that I would reflect on the thousands of memories and the ones that stick out as most memorable, some wonderful and some disheartening.

I thought I’d share some stories of the top 10 over the next few days.

Narrowing the list down to the top 10 is difficult. Just as I think I have it figured out, another memory pops up that belongs on the list. I thought of expanding my list to the Top 15, but then No. 16 pops up, followed by No. 17. So, I bit the bullet and cut back to 10 and just resolved that some are going to be left off the list.


As I put the list together I EXCLUDED professional memories that stand out, such as

  • Helping create the model for the statewide Journalism Associate of Arts for transfer degree,
  • Receiving the many accolades from the Journalism
    Association of Community Colleges and other organizations,
  • Helping programs across the campus as the Cerritos College Curriculum Chair
  • Visiting other college programs and helping train students and faculty
  • Creating a nationally honored computer software newswriting simulation
  • Falling and breaking my arm in the newsroom
  • Attending a life-changing workshop at the Poynter Institute
  • And more.

The Top 10 list will be related to memorable student publications. First up will be No. 10: The Execution

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