Top 10 JACC memories

April 18, 2017

I had so much fun last week sharing my 10 most favorite student publication issues over my 41-year career, and got so much positive feedback that I thought I would follow up with my 10 most favorite memories of my work with the Journalism Association of Community Colleges.

For my friends not familiar with JACC, it is a non-profit association of California community college journalism programs that started in the mid-1950s. Of the 114 California community colleges, only between 55 and 60 have journalism programs at any given time. JACC provides extended educational opportunities for journalism students and continuing education.

Many of my non-JACC friends may find it hard to relate to the stories that follow, but I will work hard to make them interesting.

I still work with JACC, but purely on an informal basis now. Over the years, I served on the non-profit’s board of directors in one capacity or another for 30-plus of my 41 years as a journalism instructor. While that sounds like 11 years that I did not serve, subtract the first four and half years as
an adjunct instructor, my first year as a full-time instructor, and the last two or three years since I retired from the board.

JACC has been an important part of my professional life, and sometimes part of my personal life. I served as the state president twice (and, although a different organization, once as president of the national Community College Journalism Association), served as annual convention chair three times, served countless years as its Executive Secretary/Treasurer – a job that morphed into the role of Communications Director, hosted both NorCal and SoCal regional conventions, created the organization’s first e-mail listserve and website, scouted out convention sites, created and hosted a special periodic one-day training workshop for training for journalism instructors, and have had the opportunity to visit other programs across the state to help train both faculty and students.

I have had many wonderful times and opportunities with JACC. In the next few days I will share 10 stories about those experiences. Like with my previous series, it was extremely difficult to limit myself to just 10. But, again, when I considered raising it to 15, No. 16 screamed to be included. When I extended to 20, No. 21 screamed.

First up: The swimming race and the photo darkroom

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