JACC No. 1: Pacesetter, not pacemaker

April 23, 2017
A series of my most memorable moments with the Journalism Association of Community Colleges.
While contributing to the model statewide transfer degree is my most significant contribution, my strongest emotional memory occurred at the 2010 state convention.
I woke up the third day of the convention with some chest pains. As the morning progressed they intensified. I decided to go back to my hotel room and get some rest. But before I could even call an elevator assistant conference chair Kelly Goff Whitney saw that I was in pain and dragged me into the convention headquarters room across the hallway.
Despite my protestations that I was okay, paramedics were called and I was carted away on a stretcher to the nearest hospital.
Was I having a heart attack? Well, no. They never did figure out what the cause of the pain was, but I spent several hours in the hospital until they could relieve the pain. I was released later in the day. I was ever grateful to my long-time friend Paul DeBolt for following me to the hospital and staying with me until my wife could join me.
I nonchalantly tried to sneak back into the convention later in the afternoon, but I was noticed. One of my first stops was to a back room where Curtis Corlew was busily collating all the awards information for the on-the-spot awards competitions taking place that day. He was using a database I created to ease the process and I wanted to check and make sure there were no problems. “It’s going okay,” he told me. “We’re almost done. Oh, and by the way, congratulations on the Pacesetter (award your students have won).”
Huh? In my wildest imagination I never considered my students would win enough mail-in and on-the-spot awards over the weekend to qualify for the organization’s sweepstakes award. That’s a tall order. But they had. Instead of my earning a pacemaker that day, my students earned a Pacesetter, the only one my students have ever earned. (And they didn’t crawl up on a hotel roof to change a marquee this time.)
– – – – – –
– – – – – –
Thank you for sticking we me as I share memories of my teaching career. As I have worked on this series I have remembered other significant professional moments that just did not fit into the outline of this set of memories or of the top student newspaper issues I have advised. I have decided to do a third series on these professional moments

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