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School’s out

June 1, 2017
My first day of school

My first day of school

A few months shy of 60 years ago I stated kindergarten at Lincoln Elementary School in Reedley, California. I’ve been “in school” ever since.¬†After today, school is finally out for good.

Today I retire from teaching.

From Lincoln I moved on to primary school at St. La Salle School and from there to Reedley High School. After earning my associate degree in journalism from Reedley College¬†and spending one quarter at California State University Los Angeles I transferred over to Fresno State College (now officially California State University, Fresno) to earn my bachelor’s degree in journalism and master’s degree in mass communication.

By that time I was already on my second college teaching job. I started as a part-time journalism teacher at Reedley College and by then was teaching part time at Merced College. My first full-time teaching job came in 1980 at West Valley College in Saratoga, California. In 1997 I moved to Cerritos College. Twenty-plus years later I am retiring.