About Rich Cameron

Rich Cameron is the chair of the Mass Communications Department at Cerritos College, a public community college in Norwalk, CA. He has been teaching journalism in community colleges (Reedley College, Merced College, West Valley College and Cerritos College) for more than 30 years.

This blog is mostly about journalism education ideas, especially as they relate to Cerritos College or things Rich is doing. He also posts regularly at the JACC Blog where he talks about journalism education on a more global scale. You can learn more about his program at the Cerritos College Journalism Web site and see his students’ publication at www.talonmarks.com. People he knows may want to become friends with him on his Facebook page.

He has been at Cerritos College since 1997 and, in addition to chairing the Mass Communications Department and advising the student newspaper, he is taking over as the college’s Curriculum Committee chair. Other related professional activities include serving as the online communication director for the Journalism Association of Community Colleges and as chair of the California Journalism Education Coalition, an umbrella group that coordinates journalism education activities across the state at the high school, community college, four-year college/university and industry levels.

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